1. The Trip

From the recording Eclectic Tales

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The Trip

Verse 1

We found ourselves down at the Gulf Coast
Bending our thoughts fore we arrived.
We went way down on the beach front, so no one could tell, was implied .
We took our best grin and a sunshine friend playing close to the edge as we could.
We had taken a dive into one strange ride
Off with imagining eyes. We were off

Verse 2

Weren’t there long fore our heads were all wrong
We stopped trading lies and we drifted
Two separate means came one single dream
Lost in creatively gifted
And the waves starting sweeping, hypnotically creeping
We were slowly completely surrounded.
But we had Uncle Jack and our Trusty
Smoke Shack
To keep ourselves solidly grounded.
We were grounded

Verse 3

So we looked all around and suddenly found
Parked on an isle in the ocean
The bugs and the crabs were driving us mad.
We could barely stave off our emotions.
Well the Jack and the Shack were losing their smack
They could no longer hold back the tide.
We had both given in to our chemical friend
Convincing us that we could fly. We could fly


Away on an anime flight
Fading from what was and why
Stepping way over the line.
We were off. We were off

Close to our demise, we then realized
A bright light way off did appear
The closer it came the dream fell away
Just two guys in a car smelling fear
Up from the depths we took a deep breath
All’s well, we honestly sighed
We had taken a dive into one strange ride
We were down from imagining eyes,
we were back