From the recording Eclectic Tales

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What The Hell Happened To You

Verse 1

I’m just sitting here going over what could have gone wrong
There must have been something I did for you to move on.
I’ve been running it thru my head so many times
I’m losing my place.
I’m about to throw up my hands give in to this fate


Baby, what the hell happened to you
Baby, what the hell did I do,
To lose you, what did I do.

Verse 2

I’m thinking I must have missed the signs or turned a blind eye
I don’t think I could of missed it all if I really tried
Without knowing my heart started showing the signs of someone falling part
I got the question if you got the answer , where did I fall



I still don’t get it, what the hell did it, I’m going crazy wondering why
If I had known it, I could of owned it, and brushed this whole thing aside