From the recording Eclectic Tales

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Always Found My Way

Verse 1

Looking back on what I’ve lost, what I’ve gained and what the cost
I don’t regret the times I really tried
But when I sat back quandering, never reached out wondering
Those are the moments I denied

Verse 2

The chances that just slipped away, waiting for a better day
Greener pastures clouded my eyes
Looking back again I see all those trivialities
It’s all so clear to me now


I've been wrong, I've had cost
I've been a pawn, I've been the boss
I've been loved and I've been lost
But I've always, I've always, I've always
found my way


All the things that were misguided,
excuses that I provided
Better moments always round the bend
And I've had dark clouds drawing near
But miracles would catch my tears
Fore they fell, fore they fell upon my fears