1. I'm Flying

From the recording Eclectic Tales

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I'm Flying

Verse 1

You're looking right at me
And I'm looking right at you
I see your lips moving
Not the sound of your words

Cause I'm not really listening
And your leanings I'm missing
But I'm nodding to all that you say

Verse 2

You're staring right at me
And I'm staring right at you
You're eyes tell a story
you' re words misconstrued

Well I'm just not retaining
A word that you're saying
Cause your beauty is lifting me where .....


I'm day-dreaming
I'm wistfully reeling
I'm weaving new meaning
My hearts in the air

I'm flying
No use in denying
I'm flying
I'm not really here


My head is spinning round and round
My world is turning upside down
Heart was lost, but now it’s found
I'm flying away