1. The Artisan

From the recording The Artisan

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The Artisan
By Jim Wyly

Verse 1
When the artisan puts his work upon the table for all to see
He is laying out his private thoughts for all eternity
It might be a building reaching the sky,
It might be a poem or a song
I t might be book or a special look
Whatever it is, it drives him on
Verse 2
When the artisan works on his masterpiece, tolling all alone
He knows he won’t please everyone, but his soul cries out for more
It might be the feeling of the love of his life,
It might be a sad refrain
It might be an anger boiling deep inside
Whatever it is, it drives him on
The artisan is faithful to the idealistic winds
He knows he must be vulnerable,
If he’s ever going to win
Oh the artisan, is like you and me
Cause his greatest gift of all,
Is his humility...