1. You Took Me

From the recording The Artisan

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You Took Me
By Jim Wyly

Verse 1
Up at the bar acting like I got no agenda
Standing tall, not looking for adventure
I was all zipped up, with a white lie hanging
I was bullet proof, coming in for a landing
You Took Me, You took me by surprise
I never knew what hit me, I was paralyzed
You shook me, shook me to the bone
I thought I had control of myself, untill you came along
Verse 2
Then I felt a heat like a laser on my back
I was trying to play it cool, but starting to crack
I finally looked around and there you were in your splendor
I was lost in your eyes, couldn’t muster pretender
I was swept up baby, I was mesmerized
I was falling fast and hard, wrapped up in your eyes
I thought I had control of myself until you came along,
You Took me