1. Please Nessie

From the recording The Artisan

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Please Nessie
By Jim Wyly

Verse 1
Many many years ago, An old man went walking
Down by the waters edge, on a full moon night
He heard you thrashing, and saw you splashing
As he stood there in wonder
And he swore he saw your silhouette
Faintly dancing in the silvery light
Verse 2
No one heard from you , for ages and ages
Then in 1933, and young couple, saw you crossing the road
You were gambling, and got caught scrambling
On down to the water
Plunging into the deep dark blue
Your secret hideaway
Oh please Nessie, won’t you show your face
We’ve been looking for you, all over this lake
Are you the only one
Oh Nessie are you all alone
Please, please Nessie
Oh the seekers and believers
They came to light the flame
And the liars and canivers
They came in search of fame
And the story tellers multiplied
They all called out your name
Oh Nessie won’t you rise up now
And end this game of shame