From the recording The Artisan

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Someone's Gonna Love You
By Jim Wyly

Verse 1
You say you've had a hard time
You say you've been hurt
You've just about given it up
But I know, someone's, gonna love you........
Verse 2
You say you've made the rounds
And lost lost every time
You say you've just been mis-understood
But I know, someone's, gonna to love you........
Someone's gonna to love you
Someone's gonna to hold you close
Someone's gonna to love you
And that someone, yes that someone, is right in front of you.......
Bridge 1
I know, yea I know
That someone, oh that someone’s
gonna love you.......
Bridge 2
Your broken hearted
And feel discarded
I'll get you started
On the road to love....
Verse 3
You think you'll never find true love
But it's been here all along
Jacked around by jerks and clowns,
But I know, that someone's, gonna to love you