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Coyotes Of Legend
By Jim Wyly

Verse 1
Some people call us The Trickster. Some people say we’re a ghost
Some people say that we’re evil. But we just take what we must
Some people call us cowards, slipping round in the dark
But man with his gun have stolen the sun, leaving us out in the night
on the run
Verse 2
Some people say we’re shape shifters, the masters of disguise
We will cry like a baby, drawing you into the fire.
We are the voices of the wind, that’s what the wise men say
We are the last of nature’s free children, we will go on and on we will
We are Coyotes of Legend, we are the Wizards of Wit
We survive the human tide, gnashing teeth and grit.
We are Coyotes of Legend, are Coyotes of Myth
We are from lore and Mystical Magic
Singing to ther moon, The Mother of Night,
Our predatory brothers ignored the human flood
Now they lie dieing in a puddle of their blood.
But we will go on, we will go on, we will survive