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Wildman Of The Thicket
By Jim Wyly

Verse 1
Way down in East Texas where the mystery flows
There lies a Big Thicket where everything grows.
Alls kinds of plants and all kinds of critters
Diversity reigns, long summers, and plenty of Skeeters
Refrain: There’s a wildman ,
They say there’s a wildman / in the Thicket
Verse 2
They’ll be hogs and panthers, bobcats and eagles
Cougars and snakes, alligators and beavers
And the legend has it, that wandering this land
Is a wild hairy creature that walks like a man
There’s a wildman in the Dark Piney Veil
Sometimes at night you can hear is Wale
There’s a wildman in the Thicket they say
Some people seen him in the light of day.
Verse 3
Way back in time, fore Texas was born
There were stories of the creature, 7 feet or more
Well you’ve heard about Big Foot and Sasquatch by name
The wildman of the Thicket is likely the same.
Everything grows in the thicket, why not a wildman