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Eclectic Tales

Showcasing a natural affinity for songwriting, backed by a lifetime immersed in music, Jim Wyly brings together Folk, Soul and Americana tones with strong grooves and dreamy melodies, for his new collection of stories and songs Eclectic Tales. 

Following on beautifully from the last project The Artisan, we begin with the sultry movement and harmonies of a passionate yet smooth Don’t Lose Yourself. 

The opener introduces this unique meeting of Wyly’s own raspy vocals and those of Grammy Nominated singer Libby Koch – a collaboration that spans much of the project.

Stereo Stick Man:

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The CD notes echo its title by promising “a collection of diverse stories and styles,” and the set delivers on that description. The material is variously bluesy, folky, and rocking and features lyrics that deliver introspective reflections and declarations of love. .......... there are some fine moments here, such as the sweet ballads “I’m Flying” and “Always Found My Way,” both of which are musically redolent of such Eric Clapton numbers as “Wonderful Tonight” and “Tears in Heaven.”    ........Jeff Burger

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The Artisan


Jim Wyly - for his album The Artisan and for crafting as a fine a collection of songs as I have heard in a while.
Joe Wolfe-Mazeres - Ear To The Ground

Album reviews are coming in.

 An album with as much beauty as sadness, the songs unfold like stories from a life well lived and are filled with crisp, warm tones and a genuine, heartfelt delivery. There’s a keen sense of timelessness and familiarity on this album that nearly makes you feel like you’ve heard these songs before- almost like seeing an old friend and immediately feeling comfortable.

Tom Haugen - Take Effect Reviews - Find The Whole Review Here.

"After about 40 years on the Texas music scene,  Jim Wyly has finally gotten around to releasing a solo album.

"It’s a stunner."

 Jeff Burger - Find the whole review at: No Depression , byjeffburger , The Morton Report .- It's the one titled Led Zeplin, second one down.

 “Moving from acoustic strums to a solid backbeat, Jim Wyly is the guide, showing his skills as a storyteller with The Artisan, his recent release. The voice of Jim Wyly clings to the words like a patina, his delivery polishing to a shine tales of love and loss, life and legend.” -

Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root

Jim Wyly.. his good songs, his melodious voice and the delicate and subtil arrangements are real pleasures..the perfect storyteller ...

Mike Pennard =  Isa Radio France

 “The Artisan is both a song, rather obviously about creative people, and the album title, but might just as well refer to the craft and care that Wyly brings to his songs.”

Jim Hynes - Making A Scene

Jim Wyly’s long-awaited album, The Artisan, is a beautiful collection of songs from a master of the craft.

 Brent Funkhouser - Americana Highways

I count "Coyotes of Legend" among the finest newly minted songs I've heard in 2018, and some of the others are not far behind. They're worth the time and the purchase of the album.

Jerome Clark - Rambles.NET